Quarantine restrictions operate all year round, for bringing fresh fruit and vegetables into South Australia.

The quarantine rules have changed, with the “bring a receipt” rule no longer recognised.

When travelling to the Riverland, there are some fresh fruit and vegetables subject to restrictions and others that do not have restrictions.

For those fresh fruit and vegetables that are restricted, you are unable to bring these to the Riverland, and they must only be purchased from within the Riverland Pest Free Area or from accredited retailers on the fringe of the Riverland Pest Free Area. This means Camp attendees will need to plan where to shop for these restricted fresh fruit and vegetables, even if you intended to mash, slice or cut them prior to attending Camp.  Restricted fruit and vegetables however, can be taken if they are canned, cooked, dried, frozen, grated or pureed.

Interstate travellers should check the fruit fly website as to what can or cannot be brought into South Australia and the Riverland.