All of us who attend the Camp, know how spiritually stimulating the atmosphere becomes as we concentrate our attention upon the Word of God.  We share this experience with many other brethren and sisters and it is a wonderful opportunity to leave behind the worldly things that plague our day-to-day existence.  Let us by our warmth, enthusiasm, our conversation and appearance, make a positive contribution to the spirit of the Camp.  It is the responsibility of each one attending, whether young or old, to develop an atmosphere of love and goodwill amongst us.  This we can do in a positive way by following the example of our Lord Jesus Christ who gave offence to no-one in regard to his dress, his speech and his attitude, but always upheld the high standard of conduct learned from his Father in Heaven.  We can use the four days we spend together to “speak often one to another” about the glorious hope we share in being the people of the Name.  Let us seek to build up and prepare one another for that time soon to come when we shall reflect the glory of our Heavenly Father in His Kingdom on earth.  As we return to the routine of ecclesial and family life, may we by the spirit of the Camp have been encouraged to look for the near return of our Master.


PLEASE READ THEM CAREFULLY.  They are designed to allow everybody to obtain the maximum benefit from our stay together.

  1. CONDUCT of all campers is to be in keeping with the commandments of Christ and his example.
  2. DRESS (including swimwear) is to be conservative and in keeping with the modesty of those reflecting Godliness.  We ask that shorts and pants are not worn by girls/sisters (unless while swimming). Acceptable neat casual dress is permitted at meetings except at the Memorial Meeting at which formal wear is required. Bathers are for swimming only.
  3. PARENTS are responsible for the safety of their children and for their good conduct while at the Camp.
  4. We reserve the right to take appropriate action to maintain the spirit of the Camp.  If necessary you will be asked to leave the Camp.
  5. HOSTING. Any baptised young people camping in groups will require a host next to them.  Hosting is limited to an extra 5 young people.
  6. LEAVING the campsite is discouraged but if this is necessary please contact a Committee Member.
  7. SWIMMING is allowed during free time but children and non swimmers must have adequate supervision.  It is stressed that the river is dangerous for poor swimmers and should not be used at all by non – swimmers.  All swimmers are required to keep close to the bank and avoid taking risks.  Night swimming and “swimming the river” are definitely prohibited.
  8. BOATING.  Any boats or canoes should not be taken beyond the limits of the Camp. Carrying and wearing lifejackets ( must be worn at all times and children must be strictly supervised.  No power boats during Camp period.
  9. HOUSEBOATS.  Hirers of houseboats are asked to ensure that all activities on houseboats are conducted in a safe way e.g. jumping off the top of houseboats into the river is strictly prohibited.  Hirers of houseboats are asked to carefully review the houseboats insurance policy.  Please contact the houseboat hirer/company for any incidents that may possibly be an insurable event, as the Camp’s insurance policy is not permitted to extend to houseboat activities.
  10. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL WE ALLOW SHOOTING.  No firearms, crackers or other dangerous items are to be brought into the Camp area.
  11. FIRE is always a danger and care should be exercised in selecting your campsite that you do not block in or endanger other campers.  Camp fires must be in a safe place.  Each camp is to have ready a bucket of water for use in the event of a fire.
  12. FIREWOOD to be collected for camp only and can only be obtained from designated areas.  Permission and direction must be obtained from a Committee Member.  Firewood stored at the boilers is not available for campfires, at any time.
  13. LIGHTS OUT must be observed.  We will not tolerate any misbehaviour or unnecessary noise after lights out.  All campers to observe lights out, this includes houseboats.
  14. NO DOGS and DRONES (or other aerial devices) will be allowed.
  15. MOBILE PHONES should be switched off or put on flight mode during the studies to assist the quality of the livestreaming.
  16. QUARANTINE RESTRICTIONS: Quarantine restrictions operate all year round, for bringing fresh fruit and vegetables into South Australia.  Please click here for the latest quarantine restrictions.
  17. WELLNESS: If you are Covid positive, or are unwell, PLEASE DO NOT come to Camp. Any attendees that test Covid positive during Camp, must isolate themselves, thoroughly clean all high touch areas, return home immediately.
  18. RUBBISH.  Please take any hard rubbish (e.g. broken chairs) with you, as there is insufficient capacity to take extra rubbish.



Although you will be made aware of all facilities the Camp offers when you arrive, noted below are some you may care to keep in mind.

    1. Milk and cream may be purchased daily.
    2. Ice is also available daily and must be ordered.
    3. Bread is available Saturday and onwards.
    4. Urgent supplies of most items can be ordered through the Shop.
    5. Please bring your own drinking water.
    6. All studies will be recorded, and made available on the Camp website
    7. First Aid Van and supplies are next to the Shop.  If you require help in an emergency, sound your horn until help arrives.



To ensure maximum use of available space with the utmost concern for the welfare of others, please observe the following recommendations:

  1. If parking your van along the riverbank, please park at 90° to the bank.  Please leave at least 2m between vans and tents.  You may park your car in this space but there should be walking room between it and the next van/tent.  If your caravan has an annex, then leave 2m from the annex to the next van.
  2. If forming a second line then please keep van at 90° to the bank and in line with the gaps of front row vans.  This will facilitate getting front row vans out past yours, should the need arise.
  3. Wherever you camp in the camp area, try to keep in rows and leave roadways which give adequate space to get vans out past your camp.  Do not remove any road marker star droppers to make way for your camp.
  4. All vans and tents should have 2m of space around them to prevent spread of fire and preserve ease of movement.
  5. ROPING OR RESERVING AREAS.  Please be responsible in trying to reserve areas for yourself, your family or interested friends.  As the Camp is founded upon the principle of the family worshipping together, we do not wish to prohibit the practice.  However, you are asked to REFRAIN FROM ROPING OR RESERVING AREAS ALONG THE RIVER BANK.
  6. When vans are left empty and tents erected prior to the Camp commencing, please comply with the above requests and do not leave them in the way of others or block access to areas at the back of them.
  7. POWER.  We are unable to provide power for vans at any time, unless for a specific need and then only at the direction of the Committee.  Power is not available for vans using the campsite at other times of the year.
  8. We have been blessed by God in not having had a fire, drowning or other serious accidents during Camps.  With the increasing number of campers, vans and tents, it is necessary to police safety measures to a greater degree.  Your co-operation is therefore essential, in order that we may continue to be blessed with enjoyable accident-free Camps.



  1. No Dirt Bikes.
  2. Responsible adults in charge – when collecting firewood.



The Camp functions on a remarkably low income considering the number of people provided for.  It is our intention to keep the fees low, so that all may enjoy their stay.




Please pay fees prior to Camp, by completing the online booking application.

Bookings and fees must be made three weeks prior to the Camp, to assist with arranging Camp supplies.



Sunday School is available to children from 4 (must have turned 4) to 14 years old.  The sessions will be divided into these groups:

4-8 years

9-12 years

A teenage group of 13-14 years

All children must attend the session for their age at the Camp.

NOTE: Children are asked to bring with them: coloured pencils, scissors, sharpener, lead pencil (hb), rubber, biro, drink bottle. The teenage class (13-14 years) require rulers, Bible marking pens, highlighters and coloured pencils.

Please put child’s name on their articles.

No children’s session will be held during the Memorial Meeting.



Fellowship is extended to all those who accept the BASF, Cooper Carter Addendum and Unity Book (pages 13-15).

To maintain the harmony of the Glenlock Family Bible Camp, the Committee requests that brethren and sisters who desire to attend the Camp, but who would not be accepted by another participating ecclesia, refrain from attending the Memorial Meeting.

If you have been involved in marriage following divorce, please contact a Committee Member.



The Glenlock Family Bible Camp will be operating a Low Power Open Narrowcasting radio broadcasting service on 88 MHz in the FM band from the Glenlock Family Bible Camp, Taylorville, South Australia. Broadcasting will commence on Friday 29 March 2024 at 2:15pm (ACDT). If the transmission causes interference to another radiocommunications service, please contact the Glenlock Camp Fund –; PO Box 555, Waikerie SA 5330; 0413 800 455.